Geometric Pattern

Shopping Bucket for February:   1. Geometric Pattern Sweaters 💋     2. Cropped Flare Jeans ❤️     3. Beige or off white boots 👍         #dressuptodazzle XOXO Shalini  

Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunny day, blowing wind, cool weather…mmmmmm seems like Valentine is here ❤  Yeah, it's February, a month of Love. What color comes in your mind when you think of this day? red…magenta...dark pink…light pink...peach? Why all shades of red or pink only?? Break the stereotypes and go for out of the box...Blue!!!!!  Yes this Valentine,... Continue Reading →

Winter Fashion with Leather and Fanny

I have already posted three blogs related to extreme winter fashion and today this blog is the last one in the series. My next blog will be of little light and semi-winter attire and style. Today, I want to talk about very old fashion element which is the first gorgeous thing in the fashion history... Leather overcoats. Leather overcoats are... Continue Reading →

Winter Fashion

Today I am focusing on Leather pants in combination with a Korean styled overcoat. Another wanted piece of winter fashion. Bold color in chilly winter always catches the eyeballs. Korean styled woolen overcoats with bold color are perfect for daywear. The second element is leather pant which is the essential element of winter fashion. Having one leather pant in... Continue Reading →

Celebrate Winter With Fur Coats

With the changing seasons, it's always a chance to upgrade your wardrobe. One of the best way, "a fur coat". Furs keep you stylish and glamorous with any attire, along with an exceptional warmth that you will not feel with any other kind of coats. You can always make a choice with the wide variety... Continue Reading →

New Year Eve Party

Sequin Dresses on New Year Eve is the best night to shine...Just overdo with sparkling accessories and get away with it. This month, the last and the biggest event is about to start...everyone wants to look fabulous. Today I am posting about this year’s favorite and hottest trend for New Year Eve party. The dress which I... Continue Reading →

Christmas Dinner Ready

I love this holiday season, house parties, clubbing, dinners, Karaokes etc......... excitement unlimited!! Today I am especially blogging about dinner evenings. The look which I want to showcase today is very feminine and clean...perfect lady type. I personally love this whole attire. Knit midi dresses are big "YES" for this winter party season. You can try different types of shades for your kind... Continue Reading →

Shimmery Glittery Holidays

Winter is here and as you know this month is a party month, the biggest events of the year fall in this month...Christmas and the New Year. Everyone wants to look fabulous and different. Shopping started for the party, online surfing is happening and still, the biggest question is what to wear?????   Let me help you... Continue Reading →


Christmas is in the air now, lights are shining, the decoration is done, shopping is done and the party days are here. My one of the most favorite season is this holidays season. And if you wanna be the part of this atmosphere then you should try this season's most wanted attire "Sequin dresses". It's the hottest... Continue Reading →

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