Lady in “Blue Floral”



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This post is all about BRA-sériē and a perfect matchy dress with it.

The photos are so good and expressive thanks to MusedigitalGroup, that the words can not describe the beauty about it. So I am gonna make this post short and simple.

This green dress “Vinyasa Cotton Ruched’ bought from a local boutique VICI DOLLS Walnut Creek just before the shoot with BRA-sériē….

Thought behind this shoot was to give a day out look for any special events or meetups.



The color is so alive, beautiful and trendy, which stands out in a crowd. Reason to post this blog post is, I don’t think I have posted anything of this color ever into my blog. 

This dress is chosen by Tammi. We matched Blue Floral BRA-sériē with this green dress, but don’t you think this BRA-sériē is looking like a part of it?  The dress is looking more presentable and classy, yet colorful with Blue Floral BRA-sériē. I don’t think I need any other accessories. That’s the beauty of BRA-sériē.


This dress is pure cotton which is perfect for the Summer and its color is one of the top 10 for Fall/winter palette. 

Summer is still here and I think we are not done with it (uggg I am so obsessed with this season).



Don’t I look “Bloggers-Event” ready??

BRA-sériē has so many beautiful options to match your outfit Like Lace, Stud, Black etc.

Do check out their collections… and more details about this ‘Blue Floral” accessory on

Outfit Details

Dress:      VICI Dolls

Shoes:     Ross

BRA-sériē: Blue Floral BRA-sériē 

Makeup: Tastestudio 

Photography: Musedigitalgroup

Let me know your feedback. #Dressuptodazzle Girls.

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