Whats Hot in August #PoolParty

Welcome to my blog!   Happy summer! I am sure you guys preparing for pool parties but the same question is in everyone's mind, what to wear and how to wear??  Whenever people think of pool party or swimwear they think its too much effort in selecting an attire. Not anymore because we (WalnutcreekSocialites) are here... Continue Reading →

“What’s Hot” July Fashion Trends

“When you feel “must” instead of “maybe”, or “stunning” instead of “stylish,” that’s CUSP.” “Since Fall 2006, CUSP clients have known the right look of the moment and are eager to embrace what's next. We still love the classics, but the CUSP girl knows it's the delicate balance between the radical and the refined that keeps... Continue Reading →

“What’s Hot” June Fashion Trends

Shout out for Summer!!! Yes, its almost here and I am ready with some exciting collaboration. This time me and Danetha cheering up for Thredup. Thredup is the largest secondhand online store. Two Stores, One in walnut creek and  Second in Austin. Whatever items, Thredup doesn't sell online or in the store, they donate or... Continue Reading →

Denim on Denim

  1. Boyfriend Denim Jacket (#ZARA)       2. Mom Jeans (#FOREVER21)       3. Peep Toe Booties (#FOREVER21)     #dressuptodazzle   XOXO Shalini                              

Geometric Pattern

Shopping Bucket for February:   1. Geometric Pattern Sweaters 💋     2. Cropped Flare Jeans ❤️     3. Beige or off white boots 👍         #dressuptodazzle XOXO Shalini  

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