My Matchy Weekend

  Welcome to my blog! Dress up to dazzle is incomplete without proper dress, so here I am back again with chic and feminine style dress, with bold color and touch of soothing summer style. Today I don’t want to highlight any story or reason behind this dress. I just liked this dress and its... Continue Reading →

No Makeup-Makeup

Welcome to my blog! Lots of people ask me this question that what makeup or foundation I use?? Why my skin always glow?? Let me reveal that I don’t use any foundation. This is my natural color. If you talk about makeup, its totally basic like cc cream (some time), concealer, light contour, highlighter powder,... Continue Reading →

Dinner Date

  Welcome to my Blog…Happy Fashionable Friday guys! Who likes to go for a dinner date? I'm sure everyone does.  And it's weekend so everyone must have some plans. What comes to your mind when someone asks you for the date…….."What to wear?????" Let me tell you what you can wear. How about some effortless... Continue Reading →

“What’s Hot” July Fashion Trends

“When you feel “must” instead of “maybe”, or “stunning” instead of “stylish,” that’s CUSP.” “Since Fall 2006, CUSP clients have known the right look of the moment and are eager to embrace what's next. We still love the classics, but the CUSP girl knows it's the delicate balance between the radical and the refined that keeps... Continue Reading →

Happy 4th of July

“The July 4th weekend is here! It means this is the time to shop…wohhooo best part of the girl's life …..hahaha lol :p But most important is to show your patriotism to the country which you can show through  American flag colored outfits. You can see everyone in America draped in red, blue and white... Continue Reading →

Happy Summer

Beauty is an essential part of life and the right kind of makeup makes you look presentable, confident and classy.  Adding makeup is not everything but using the right kind according to your skin tone, matters a lot. Making sure it doesn’t harm your skin is a necessity. It's summertime, so people prefer less makeup or... Continue Reading →

Saree Not Sorry

  Saree is one of the traditional wears of India. And Being an Indian, this post is my favorite and very close to my heart since it talks about my identity. Saree is the most beautiful attire of India and today I am very excited to give this traditional attire a new life of fashion,... Continue Reading →

Fashion & Fitness Friday

Hey, ya’ll welcome back to the blog! HAPPY FASHIONABLE AND FITNESS FRIDAY!! Fashion is a necessity but fitness is life. Its been 15 years I’m in to fitness. If you ask me the most necessary things in my life so it's my family, fashion, and fitness. In order to keep up with this growing community,... Continue Reading →

“What’s Hot” June Fashion Trends

Shout out for Summer!!! Yes, its almost here and I am ready with some exciting collaboration. This time me and Danetha cheering up for Thredup. Thredup is the largest secondhand online store. Two Stores, One in walnut creek and  Second in Austin. Whatever items, Thredup doesn't sell online or in the store, they donate or... Continue Reading →

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