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When I wore this attire, I really felt like I went back to my sixteen…I wish 🙂 but seriously this outfit has something that makes you feel younger and look beautiful.

Have you noticed there are some add-ons which are making this outfit more glamorous and fun? It’s my favorite “BRA-sériē”.


Today, I am here to show you one more style of BRA-sériē “Lace” and one outfit which can change your actual age and make you look more younger, lol….I mean this attire does change your personality.

Pastel colors are all time’s and all season’s favorite. You can wear them in Spring, Summer or Fall….You can carry them in Winter’s daytime too.

Off-shoulders are never out of fashion…its for every age, every body type, and every personality. It goes with every occasion and season. So when off-shoulders are so popular, we have to have BRA-sériē to rock that off-shoulder outfit.


This whole outfit is from Forever21. White is the color which enhances your skin tone and if you add few pastel colors with white that looks classy.

As you can see my whole outfit is so subtle and chic that you can’t turn your eyeballs from it.


Whenever I write a blog post, I try to cover as much audience so that they can relate themselves and find something for them in the blog post….

I hope my efforts are as per your expectations.


Outfit Details:

Skirt – Forever21

Top – Forever21

Accessory – BRA-sériēBRA-sériē

Shoe – FitAny

Makeup – Taste- Studio

Photography – Musedigitalgroup





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