I LOVE FASHION from my childhood days and this is because of my mom. She always used to dress me up nicely…..bell-bottom pants, bella sleeves, off shoulder dresses…Wow…I use to watch fashion shows, observe people and their fashion sense. Trying new and creative things alone in a locked room, using my mom’s makeup, Saree etc. This is where I got my fashion craziness. The thought behind this blog was to give a platform to myself and learn & explore more about it.

Being an Indian, I believe in Women Empowerment and trying to break the glass ceiling. I believe a woman is the most powerful person on earth. She has the power of creating the universe. She has the power to build an empire. She just needs an opportunity. Some women get those chances while some don’t and I believe in women supporting women each other to make a world better place to shine and grow. It’s not about only in fashion but it’s about every single field. If we lean in together, it will help everyone in this community to grow exponentially. I always tell myself one thing “If I made this far, I can go beyond this and I believe every woman can”.

I don’t call myself a fashionista but I do have fashion sense and interests which led me to work in this field. I born and brought up in the City of Nawabs (emperors) Lucknow and Sangam City Allahabad. Went Hyderabad for my higher education and worked in the Capital City of India with a working experience of 7 yrs in Advertising and Marketing industry. And now settled in Silicon Valley, California.

This is my first ever blog and I expect much love and motivation from YOU. This blog wouldn’t be possible without the endless encouragement of my lifeline “Nitin”……my Love, my friends and family.

Thank you for having patience and reading this little tale of my effort.

God bless!

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