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Pastel colors and good makeup….best combo! What do you guys think?

Welcome to my Blog and Happy Fashionable Friday.

White is the first choice in summer and good for the day out but today I am giving you excuse to wear this color for your girls night out. Sounds fun?? Yes! Chick badass look mixed with cuteness.

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 I discovered this look because of two reasons…..First, too much heat in California these days and Second I got bored with dark colors and wanted to do a little experiment with pastel colors. So I chose this subtle color outfit and added a sporty accessory, Fanny pack.

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Whenever I wear a fanny pack with my outfit, that look become my favorite one. The biggest reason is its comfort.

Don’t you girls get tired of carrying a clutch or hanging sling bags all the time and especially when you are with your girlfriends?? Yes! Who doesn’t want to walk freely with badass summer pastel attire with their girl gang?

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I got this cute “Denim knife Pleat Skirt” from Forever21 and “High Neck Halter Top” from Wish.

OutFit Details are as follows:

Skit                Forever

Top                 Wish

Shoe               amazon

Fanny pack   Shein

Today’s Post is special because of one more reason and that is my friend  Ms. Sohini Debut in Makeup and Beauty Blogging. She is the most talented and hardworking person I know. She has done fantastic work,  though she was trying it first time on my face but after completion, she proved she is a pro.

Check out Her Instagram Handle: makupbychak

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Photo Credit: Nitin Kumar


Let Me know your Feedback

#Dressuptodazzle Girls.




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