Whats Hot in August #PoolParty

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Happy summer! I am sure you guys preparing for pool parties but the same question is in everyone’s mind, what to wear and how to wear?? 



Whenever people think of pool party or swimwear they think its too much effort in selecting an attire. Not anymore because we (WalnutcreekSocialites) are here with a number of looks which you can carry according to your comfort and likes.



Summers are incomplete without Swimwear. This is my first ever blog on Swimwear and I am very excited about it.



It’s a myth that you should have a swimwear body or a beach body to rock these looks….Trust me if you have a body, that is a swimwear body…Not everyone is comfortable in swimwear that’s why I am here to make you all comfortable by showing you four different types of swimwear options and cover ups….

Choose whatever you like…


These days polka dots, ruffles, big shades, feathers and big statement earrings, summer print cover-ups, summer bags are in fashion. Let’s have a look of the types of the accessories and swimwear which are in trends:



1- Ruffle

2- High Waisted 

3- Monokini etc.


1- Bags

2- Earrings

3- Slippers

4- Coverups

5- Hats etc.


Outfit Details: Shalini

Pink Bikini –           Wish

Polka Dot Bikini-  Amazon

Feather Earrings-  Forever21

Black Mule –            Forever21

Glasses-                   Forever21

Bag-                          Amazon



Outfit details: Danetha

Orange Bikini:     Venus

Blue Monokini:    Yoins

Bag:                      Forever21

Glasses:               Forever21

Coverup:            Platosclosetsanjose



Let me know your feedback and let’s start this party.

#dressuptodazzle girls.





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