Wealth Wednesday


Happy First day of August. It’s Wealth Wednesday!! Which means time for “Money and Mimosa” post and I have a very interesting story to share.
“A few years ago, @danethadoe was introduced to a woman who was building a branding consulting business. We’ll call her Katherine. She was in the middle of a divorce with her husband, which left her in a financial strain. A strain that caused her, and her two kids, to move from a 30,000 square foot home in Beverly Hills to a 800 square foot apartment in the Bay Area.

After applying to several dead-end jobs, Katherine decided to launch her business. But was having a tough time figuring out how much she should charge. Pricing is challenging for all service business owners.
On this week’s Wealth Wednesday post, @danethadoe will walk through the advice She shared with Katherine to help small business owners price their services.”
It’s time to take a stand for yourself and we are here to help you. it’s time to check http://www.moneyandmimosas.com/ 📷 @darienmichaelphotography




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