No Makeup-Makeup


Welcome to my blog! Lots of people ask me this question that what makeup or foundation I use?? Why my skin always glow?? Let me reveal that I don’t use any foundation. This is my natural color. If you talk about makeup, its totally basic like cc cream (some time), concealer, light contour, highlighter powder, lip colors, eyeliners, and mascara. And I am good to go. Sometimes I only use 3 items CC cream, highlighter Powder and Lip color.
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People who know me closely and see me almost every day, they know I do only basic/light makeup or no makeup. But how I got this skin texture?? A small story behind this.
As you people know, I am from India, being fair in color is everything in an Indian community (as per my experience at least… but things are changing now). My Grandmother  always forced me to use fairness cream and asked my mom to force me too. At the age 15 to 20, I was using Fair and Lovely every day. Because of that, my skin got so bad. White spots and rashes were everywhere. And one day I rebelled about that thing. That was the first time I stood for something against my family. I started using coconut oil and almond oil on my face but it wasn’t planned, it was out of stubbornness. Slowly and gradually I started feeling good about these oil effect.


I shifted Hyderabad for my higher studies and started using local coconut oil after the bath and before sleep. My skin started becoming healthy and started glowing. Soon I started exploring about face oil and serums. [Note: Natural oils and serums are better than any cream or location]…use that before sleep for healthy skin.


I am a workout freak. I run and walk almost 7 to 8 miles every day. Sometimes on weekends too. If you follow my insta stories, you can track me that I am posting it from last 2 years…Cut short…. the point is, “sweating is good for the skin”. Sweat as much as you can. Few points for good skin:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Sweat, run, walk, dance and be active
  3. Fruits are your friends
  4. Green veggies
  5. Face oil is Must
  6. Use Sunscreen
  7. Use Body Scrub and Relief Mask once a week
  8. Wash face before sleep
  9. Use face pack or mask every week just to relax and give rest to your skin
  10. Avoid face wash. Instead, use Besan (gram flour) and Curd for washing your face (mommy’s thing)
  11. Be happy, smile more, worry less, and avoid shitty people…lol



The picture I am posting today with this blog is taken during the golden hour and my highlighter is looking really nice in here. Wearing this leopard print bodysuit with denim skirt giving me edgy look and justifying my makeup here.


I am also sharing my daily use brands for oil and serum plus brands of my makeup I used for this photoshoot.



Contour-          Hoola

CC cream-

Lip color-

Brows-             Benefit

Sunscreen-     Nutrogena




Outfit Details-

bodysuit –

Denim Skirt –

Shoes-             Fitany



Let me know your feedback.

#Dressuptodazzle Girls.




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