Wealth Wednesday


It’s Wealth Wednesday!! Which means time for “Money and Mimosa” post and one Interesting story behind this with @danethadoe .
At the ripe old age of 29 (as a society would have her think), Rose was single and depressed. Her fiancee had dumped her six weeks before their wedding. .

The breakup sent her into an immediate spin of questioning everything in her life. Her job, her friendships, her purpose in life, her relationship with food and not least of all, her relationship with money.

Working full-time as a makeup artist for a department store in Scottsdale, Rose was ready for a change. She was ready to move to the big city of Los Angeles and embark on a career as a freelance makeup artist. But, before she made the move, she wanted to make some big-girl decisions about her money and start investing.

She had about $5,000 that she could play with, but was embarrassed to admit that she didn’t know the first step to take. .

This week “Wealth Wednesday” @danethadoe is teaching about 5 ways to invest your money. .
Check out this week’s #MoneyandMimosaspost on 5 ways you can invest $5,000.
http://www.moneyandmimosas.com/ 📷 @geekforfun



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