Tuesday Treat with Celebrity


Welcome to “Tuesday Treat with Celebrity” with @camilacoelho .
I think half of my followers are already following her and if not, go follow her right away. 7+ million followers and counting. She is not only famous for her dressing but also for her makeup tutorials on @youtubechannel.

Beauty addict, Makeup artist and Full time blogger. She had no limit to reach a brand. People call her @youtube queen.

From @dior beauty counter at @macys to the front row at haute couture shows, she accomplished a lot since her first tutorial back in 2010. She’s also part of @fhits , the largest bloggers network in the world founded by fashion empresaria Alice Ferraz, based in Sao Paulo.
She is actually a real blogger celebrity which any blogger can easily relate to. Camila’s success comes a lot from relatability. The videos – most of them tutorials of celebrities’ looks – are still filmed in her Boston home with the help of her husband. @camilacoelho remains true to her roots when it comes to her fashion style. She is a fan of extravagant prints and curve friendly pieces. A true girl from Minas Gerais.
She was the first Brazilian to reach 1 million followers on @instagram In 2013, Camila was celebrated on the cover of @glamourmag Brazil, overtaking heavyweights Helena Bordon, Thassia Naves, Lala Rudge and Camila Coutinho. And in September 2015, @voguemagazineBrazil registered her experience as front row guest to Dior’s haute couture show, the last signed by Raf Simons. .
A Cinderella tale since her beauty journey started from Dior’s beauty counter at department store Macy’s, after she moved as a teenager from Brazil to the US.
Go follow her and Dressuptodazzle Girls.
Feel free to DM me. Im open for more suggestions on this feed. 📷 @geekforfun
Dress 👗: @shein
Glasses 👓: @forever21 #f21xme .

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