Hello January!!!




_mg_0035“Fashion is Art, and you are the Canvas.”

Trust me it’s my first time in the category of complete off-white and white attires. I never tried to go whole white and rock this way.


Welcome to my Blog!

I actually enjoyed wearing it and felt so cozy and classy at the same time.

January is the month in which you want to be little Sober yet Stylish.

As you are moving towards spring season it is a time when you invest in a cloth which you can easily carry forward in your spring season and so on.



I know I know its still winters and a month left for the spring to come but you have to be futuristic, don’t you think??

It’s not the time when you will go shopping and buy heavy jackets and bulky fur coats.. of course not!!!

Its time to go for a light weighted sweaters which you can pair with jackets and can be easily carried away to next season… am I right???


Ok, let me confess. The reason I shopped for this look is I gave my heart the time I saw this skirt…. psssssst it’s between you and me…

This skirt is so soft and stylish that I cannot resist myself to buy. I can Style this skirt in so many ways, even in summers and spring both.

After listening to my heart I used my brain and invested in this lightweight but a comfy yet cozy sweater and paired with my beautiful skirt, and guess what I wasn’t wrong either.

I  have a white boot and I love to wear them everywhere so I add on those into my this classy lady type look.



I was confused with bag colors so the force of my habit I went on the colorful side and paired my Pink bag.

And I think I took Right decision. I am indeed looking like a lady who is ready to go for a girls day out!!!



Let me know your feedback and #Dressuptodazzle Girls.

Outfit Details: 

Skirt: H&M

Sweater: H&M

Boots: Forever21

Bag: ThredUp




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