Leather Over Coats

New Year, New Fashion and New Style!

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Everyone is very well aware of leather fashion. Some use it as a dress, some as a leather jacket, pants, gloves etc but good in winters for any kind of clothing or accessories.

But how many of you invested in Leather overcoat???
Yes, you have heard me!! Jackets are very popular among fashionistas but sometimes it’s difficult to trust on overcoats.

The reason is that of its weight and prices??? Shiny material or lack of styling options??? It can be anything but some time we underestimate the styling power of overcoat.

Today I want to show you the ways of wearing leather overcoats in winters.
Leather coats are very old school element of fashion but most wanted. Reasons are it is warm, classy and cozy.

Leather overcoats were really famous among 80s Fashionable ladies, but designers and fashion pandits took that look in 2018-19 also as a most wanted element for the winter wardrobe.

Lets checkout on Look Book of different ways of styling Leather overcoats. And do let me know your favorite.

Red Overcoat Purchasing link:
Coat:   Shein
Brown Overcoat Purchasing Link:
Coat: Wish
Invest in Leather overcoat for extra styling and comfiness, #Dressuptodazzle Girls.

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