Well Suited


You have seen many fashion bloggers rocked suit style in a casual way… so this time I thought to pay attention to the formal side but in a fun way.


Welcome to my blog!

People think suits are serious dressing and just to wear in any formal events or meetings etc.


But I am here to show you a fun side of this clothing. I brought this set from Express outlet.

From last three months, I was thinking of investing in suits.

According to Vogue’s fashion forecast, suits are one of the essential outfits for 2019 women’s wardrobe.


That is why I was so eagerly wanted to have this in my section. There are various colors available in the market… you can go for any dark or pastel colors but all time favorite and perfect for all the occasions are black.

Well frankly speaking I thought to be on a safer side. I thought to go for black, good to go for all kinda events.


Express is one of my favorite outlet where I get my essentials and perfect for the day to day fashion.

I am wearing XS size (it’s a little loose pattern suit)

For giving causal and sporty vibes, I have added sneakers, and for giving girly vibes, I have paired this suit with black lace bodysuit by Pinkbunny and H&M earrings.


Rock this look at your meetings, girls day out or dinner date… you will look classy and sassy.

The idea behind this outfit shuffling was to look hottie and chic and comfy at the same time.


Do let me know if my idea of this change is a good decision or a bad decision??

Suit: (Another option) Express

Body Suit: PinkBunny

Sneakers: FilaUSA

Earrings: H&M

Photography: Vamsi

#Dressuptodazzle Girls.




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