Saree Not Sorry



Saree is one of the traditional wears of India. And Being an Indian, this post is my favorite and very close to my heart since it talks about my identity. Saree is the most beautiful attire of India and today I am very excited to give this traditional attire a new life of fashion, glamour and make this attire look more classy than ever by adding beautiful accessory which is a necessity of every woman. But before this, first, let me introduce you to this brand.


I met Tammi in one of the Fashion Blogger event and was impressed with her dynamic personality. She is one of the inspiring lady in my life. Gorgeous and full of ideas and energy. We connected to each other and she offered me to model for her product. As an Indian, my traditional attire is Saree so we came up with the idea of “Saree not sorry” and trust me I have never imagined that Saree can look this gorgeous and glamorous by adding this beautiful accessory. I would like to share the story and idea of BRA-sériē in Tammi’s word-

What inspired you to start BRA-sériē?

I was inspired on several levels to start my own apparel company, beginning with BRA-sériē   I’ve always been interested in fashion, particularly ways to use fashion for personal expression, creativity, and empowerment.  And more recently I’ve wanted to challenge myself beyond being a wife and mom.  Let’s just say I was anxious to step out of my comfort zone.

Shortly after moving to Northern California in 2014, I had a vision of creating a unique fashion platform that would not only reinvent the bra strap but also embody values I’m passionate about — promoting a positive self-image and empowering women.

I always felt that while other aspects of lingerie and fashion have made huge evolutionary leaps decade after decade, very little has changed with bra straps.  Having talked with hundreds of women of all ages about this, I know there’s a high demand for fun, fashionable alternatives to showing our unattractive standard bra straps.  So BRA-sériē’s mission is to reimagine and reinvent the bra strap into a chic, stylish and personal fashion accessory.  We’ve created inter-changeable straps from dainty to daring – it’s about time for us to step up our bra game!




How did I come up with the name?

It was important to identify a name that would resonate with women of all ages, be timeless and elegant.  For obvious reasons, “bra” had to be part of the brand name. I also wanted to find a way to incorporate “accessory” since the bra straps would be a fashion accessory that would attach to a strapless bra. I successfully found a way to combine both words (bra & accessory) while incorporating the beauty of the French language.




The concept behind “Saree Not Sorry” Photoshoot

I wanted our first project to be daring, unique and an “out-of-the-box” look for BRA-sériē. My goal was to also create a photo shoot that would celebrate the cultural diversity & uniqueness of women. Once this vision became clear and focused, it was almost immediately the idea of showcasing BRA-sériē with the timeless look of the Indian saree came about! We (Stephanie Rodriguez, Taste Studio, you and I) were very excited to take on the challenge of this innovative photo lookbook to showcase the versatility of BRA-sériē with the rich and colorful Indian fashion.





Do check their website and beautiful collections. Amazingly beautiful and perfect for Summers.

WebSite –

Photographed By –

Let me know your feedback. #Dressuptodazzle India.





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