Happy Summer

Beauty is an essential part of life and the right kind of makeup makes you look presentable, confident and classy. 

Adding makeup is not everything but using the right kind according to your skin tone, matters a lot. Making sure it doesn’t harm your skin is a necessity. It’s summertime, so people prefer less makeup or no make. But why “no makeup??” We should go for those products which will give your skin a glow as well as perfect texture, glow & gives you a no-makeup feel too!!


I love makeup and I am sure you all do. So choosing the right kind is challenging, especially for beginners. So today, WalnutcreekSocialites taking you to a perfect musical makeup ride with the huge support from “ Kallie Flexmen and “Maskcara Beauty where you can learn about wearing daytime makeup. 


Kallie is a “Maskcara Artist” and pro in simplifying the makeup game. Instead of sitting for hours and hours doing makeup, she teaches you how to get your full face in a matter of minutes, or even while on the go. In our day-to-day busy lifestyle, we need these kinds of products and tips to look flawless, quickly.  

We had an amazing day in Walnut Creek. Kallie taught me to wear daytime makeup according to my skin tone.  We chose Stem Salon for our makeup location. This place is very comfortable and huge, I have hardly seen any salon this big and equipped. Beautiful ambience with all necessary instruments…..they are specialized in balayage, color corrections, and kerastase. 

Kallie’s skin tone is light and mine is totally opposite. We both used different shades but having same brand “Maskcara Beauty“. The result was pretty awesome. You can easily find out from before and after photos.



Check out our fun makeover session videos:


Details of makeup used:

1. Highlight: Mango Goddess

2. Contour: Indigo

3. Blush: Frenchie

4. Bronzer: Bella (out of stock right now)

5. Lips: Desert Sunset / Frenchie

6. Illuminator: Rose Gold

7. Shadows: MamaOn WednesdayAmethystSabrina

8. Brush Collection

9. Setting Spray 



And guess what, these makeup kits are easily available on one click 👇👇👇👇👇


Photo Jun 12, 12 02 34 PM



So hurry up girls, get your own makeup according to your skin tone. 

If you have any difficulty in getting the right shade of makeup for your skin tone, feel free to write back to me or Kallie and we will help you out.

OutFit Deatils-

Shalini Romper- Soldout Another option Amazon.com

Kallie Jumpsuit –   Target.com

Heels –                     Zappos.com

Cluctch –                 Maskcarabeauty.com

So Get Out There Gorgeous!

#Dressuptodazzle Girls.






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