Fashion & Fitness Friday

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Hey, ya’ll welcome back to the blog! HAPPY FASHIONABLE AND FITNESS FRIDAY!! Fashion is a necessity but fitness is life. Its been 15 years I’m in to fitness. If you ask me the most necessary things in my life so it’s my family, fashion, and fitness. In order to keep up with this growing community, It’s important for me to stay mentally and physically fit. The most obvious reason why I workout is to maintain my physical strength.


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Did you know that working out helps you stay fit mentally as well? When you workout, the brain chemical “Serotonin” releases from the body to keep your brain and body regulate properly and maintains your mood, appetite and sleeping habits. If I won’t eat better and won’t take care of fitness, my brain will start freezing and the ideas will remain inside. Think about a day when you are walking for the work and you are frozen for any new ideas. Can’t imagine for myself!

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Your fitness is your biggest confidence boost! Most of the time you set your daily goals or weekly goals while working out, that keeps you motivated for the whole week. And once you achieve it, that is the best day in your life and helps you keep motivated for the upcoming weeks. It works out for me at least. I am confident, self-dependent and full of ideas when I achieve my goals.

My little secret of fitness is Cardio and it can be in any form:

  • Skipping
  • Staires
  • Treadmill
  • Cross-trainer
  • Jumping jacks
  • Jogging

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Half an hour a day will keep you fit and keeps fat away…lol. Yes, it burns calories and keeps you active all the day.

When it comes to fashion mixed with fitness, its fun. Choosing right kind of sportswear according to your body types helps you to stay stress-free.

The right size of sports bra and leggings gives you room to stretch and exercise and most importantly, let your body breath.

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I am adding here one new, interesting and necessary item into my fitness wardrobe which is the fanny pack.  Stylish, comfortable, useful, and it keeps me hands-free. It has 3 pockets and it can hold all your important belongings. This fanny bag pack goes with every kind of western attire and gives you sporty look. Team up this with any dress, trouser or a sportswear.

Outfit details:

Sports Bra –

Mesh Cropped Leggings –

Fanny pack –

Its Fashion and Fitness Friday, #selflove and #Dressuptodazzle girls.



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