Long Weekend – Beach Party

This blog post is dedicated to the upcoming long weekend for Memorial Day.

Who likes holidays?? I am sure everyone does and especially when you have no work, no phone calls, no emails but only friends, drinks, full-on dancing, and resting all week.

The long weekend is coming up and I am sure everyone is ready with their itinerary…right?? Awesome! And I too am planning to go somewhere near to the beach, drinking an icy pina colada, dancing and enjoying the seashore, posing all around the resort. Wow, I can imagine my holiday…

But after deciding the place, you need to go check on your clothes according to the location…sounds fun. I am presenting one of the looks for this holiday, direct from my backpack which totally makes justice for my upcoming beach party.

I am wearing this green high neck dress which I bought during spring sale from Forever21 (which is less than $15 shhhhhh) pairing a bag and toe heels from H&M.

So whenever picking up clothes for the holiday weekends, go for springy print and colorful outfit this season.

And #dressuptodazzle girls!










IMG_3139 2













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