Picnic Day

I always talk about clothes, shoes,  accessories, makeup etc. Today I am gonna talk about what to do. 

Let me ask one question to all of you …..when was the last time you played outdoor games like we used to play in our childhood days. In today’s fast world we stopped doing things which we loved to do and get excited about.

Sitting with friends in the open sky, sunny day, eating, laughing, talking and capturing those silly funny moments. But nobody has time to breathe.

I met Vrushali in spring social event organized by Thredup and Walnut creek socialite, she is a darling and very passionate about Fashion/style blogging. We decided to meet personally and talk about our future work, collaboration and then this picnic idea clicked.  This is spring! And California is so beautiful that you can’t waste your time sitting inside and sipping coffee or else chilling outside doing old school things with your friends which have same intention to “Have Fun.”









If you are thinking of picnic you can wear whatever you want but go for bright and comfortable clothes.

I chose bright yellow wrap long dress for this fun occasion… light, comfy and beautiful. I accessorized my outfit with the light gold necklace set, drop earring and a “HAT” which is an essential element if you are going in the sun.

Shop this look-

1- Wrap Dress- https://www.forever21.com/us/shop/catalog/Product/F21/dress/2000254436

3-Wooden Bamboo Bag – https://www.amazon.com/Bamboo-Women
I loved Vrushali’s outfit for this fun day. Love the way she accessorized herself. She is wearing this fun asymmetric ruffle gingham (I am always ready for Gingham) skirt and pretty pastels faded pink puff top. Both outfits pieces from Target. She finished her look by adding pretty and necessary accessories, hat and wedges.
 Let me know your feedback!
#dressuptodazzle Girls



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