Staycation in Hilton Union Square San Francisco!


“Once in a while, you need to pack a bag and go for a staycation.”

Well well, it was my wish that I could stay in a place with my girlfriends where I can see the whole city, open nightlife, and good for fun.

And luckily, my wish came true when I and my girl gang got the opportunity to stay in one of the best places in San Francisco.


Hilton Union Square. The name is known everywhere, because of its hospitality, food, class, and comfort. It’s located in Union Square, the heart of the city and is pretty close to all the attractions. You can cover all the attractions within a 20-minutes drive.

The Hilton Union Square has rooms available for a great price and they cover you with superb hospitality.

So let me take you all on a virtual tour of our stay.

Day One:


We checked in early around noon. It was pretty smooth and it felt so comfortable, just like home.



We spent quality time near the pool; We soaked up the sun, had a great time full of laughs, and took pictures of course.



We decided to go out for drinks and take a tour of the nearby area and explore. We went to the Palamino. It was a 10 min drive from our hotel and is known for its view along with the happy hour menu. You can have your drinks and food and relax with your girl gang while looking at the beauty of the bay bridge.

Urban Tavern: 




We got back from Palomino around 6:00 pm. We then got ready for the dinner and drinks with our host Urban Tavern. We were so overwhelmed with their service and food. So many varieties and mouth-watering tastes from their delicious food. It was the best service we have ever seen in a long time. If you are not sure what should you order, not to worry. They have lovely servers to help you and suggest you with the kind of taste you need.

They have a long list of cocktails and food. All of our cocktails were on point, as well as the food.



Chicken Fried Wild Mushroom-

IMG_7837 2



Seared Baby Bok Choy:


Grilled Caullini:


Butter Poached Porterhouse, Seasoned with Paprika, Leek Compound Butter:


City Escape: 


“The jaw-dropping view”. Yes, you heard it right, it’s jaw-dropping. I took a moment to take it in when I first entered. I forgot to capture a photo and was just staring at the view for quite a long time. It was absolutely breathtaking. Let me warn you all, my pictures are not doing CityScape any justice with the view we witnessed. I still have that view in my eyes and memory. But this place is the must-visit lounge in the area. I will surely swing by again at this place with my boo.



We got our drinks and took time for ourselves to admire the view for some time.

We came back to the room, tired but still refreshed with the kind of day we spent.

Morning at Hilton:


I must say they cleverly designed the hotel because the morning view was so bliss that I can’t even justify in my blog post. I feel so blessed to see all this beauty from just one place.




After we showered, we went for our yummy and heavy loaded breakfast. I love to drive my day with a heavy breakfast and then slow down during the evening. It’s good to maintain energy in your body during the day and help you get a deep sleep in the night.

All in all, I have to say it was the best service and best-tasting food from a hotel that I have ever experienced.

Just one word for my whole staycation is “Outstanding”. Guys, if you all are planning to visit San Francisco, you must stay at the Hilton Union Square. This place is the one-stop solution for food, views, nightlife and it’s best in the city. So I would say the visit is a must.

Sharing all Instagram Link and Website to visit.

Hilton Union Square:



Urban Tavern:






Thanks for reading.




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