Cozy Spring!



“If we have No winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”

Happy Spring People!



Heavy coats and furry jacket gone into suitcases and the closets look so colorful now, right??

Last week me and my friend rearranged my whole closet and done all the preparation to celebrate spring and summer.


Now it’s the end of the winter and start of spring, the wind is still freezing out there in Bay Area so packing all knitwear would not be a wise decision.

This week on Dressuptodazzle I am posting this chic look but knitwear. 


High-necks are one of the fashion elements which makes the whole outfit so classy and fashionable.

I have chosen chocolate brown and gingham combination which is one of the wanted look for spring season 2019. This high neck can be combined with your fall and winter looks too.


Ginghams are my weakness. Whenever I see gingham pants or skirts online, that’s a full stop of my every search. I saw these pants on Ikrush. These perfect high waist gingham pants go with so many colors. Perfectly usable in fall and winters too. I brought these pants after keeping three seasons on my mind. Wise choice, right???


This whole outfit I bought in less than $50If you like this look let me know your feedback. Also, you can buy this look from the below link.

Outfit Details:

Pant: Ikrush

High neck Tee: (Other Option) Amazon

Shoes: Fit-Any


Celebrate spring and #Dressuptodazzle Girls.




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