Play Dressy in Fall/Winter

“Fashion is what you buy and Style is what you do with it.”

Welcome to my Blog!

Cold winds are rising and Fall is converting into winter….this is the time when we need layering.


When Fall / Winter knocks we shift our wardrobes to covered clothes and start depending only on leggings, pants, and jeans.

Today’s post, I am giving you reasons to rock your dresses that feels cozy and looks stylish.
In this post, my dresses are quite sassy and skinny and I am adding new black cardigan with it which I got from @functionandfringe

This woolen cardigan is one of the best things happened with me. I can pair this one with my dresses or denim or any other attire and this gives quite edgy yet comfy look and feel.


The first dress is my olive mini dress… paired with my brown knee boots and black woolen outwear. The dress material is lycra and it adjusts with your body type.

Outfit Details
Dress: Shein 
Boots: Amazon

The second dress is a Red Midi Dress (This dress is gifted by a local vendor) and giving a totally bond look. Paired with black suede knee boots and same black cardigan.

Now you know why I said this cardigan is the best thing happened to me!!!!
Outfit Details:
Boots: Amazon
Both dresses are different and giving cute look. Perfect for any cozy date night.

Let me know which one is your favorite.


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