Importance of White!!



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Frankly speaking, this whole blog post is only an excuse. I just wanted to post each and every picture clicked by my favorite photographer.


Of course, I draw some ideas of dressing behind this shoot but the picture came so well that my words are just formality.

We shot this look in Niles Blvd, Fremont, California. Its Virl’s suggestion to shoot there. She knows the place very well.


She wanted to shoot some different Fall look with me which I have never done before. But classy, sporty and sensuous at the same time.



I have looked so many ideas online, got so confused and end up with my all-time fave Blazer and Trousers.


You may ask where is the trouser in this attire!!! A small story behind it. “Before leaving for this fall shoot I packed A to Z things as suggested by virlphoto, I myself wore track pant and t-shirt while traveling because it was 30 miles from my place. I thought if I will wear comfortable clothes then there will be no problem in driving and changing at the time of the shoot.


The time she saw me she rejected the trouser and asked me to wear these track pants with white blazer.

And as you can see in the picture it came so well and fun attire…which I never thought off.


White blazer is very delicate color and while wearing you need to be very careful. I would suggest you should have a white blazer in your wardrobe for sure.


Pairing with track pant gives you a sporty plus classy look and also very comfy too. I have added white pointed boot with it…. because my track pant have long slit and ankle boot gives edgy vibes to my attire.


Do share your feedback and #Dressuptodazzle girls.



Outfit Details:

Blazer: H&m

Boots: Forever21

Track pant: Shein

Photography: Virl photo




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