Want to “DressUptoDazzle”?? You need “MoneyandMimosas”

Here we are more than halfway through spring and I don’t want this season to end though it getting hotter day by day and I’m eagerly waiting for summers too but springy vibes are not letting me think of any other season duhhhhhh….



Today’s post is really special because  I am going to introduce you to a very inspiring lady and her blog.


In this blog post I wanna talk about Social media, photo shoots, blog posts, lunch dates, bookkeeping, legal, sales, clients, proposals, PR…while it’s all mostly fun, there are a lot of hats that we as entrepreneurs & bloggers have to wear. And at some point, you’ll have to start hiring people that can help you nurture your baby. But when is the right time to hire someone?

In this blog post, I want to highlight Ms. Danetha Doe and her Blog “Money & Mimosas.

Her blog is a money mentorship program for entrepreneurs, bloggers + influencers.  With this post I want all of you to pay attention to her blog post “five questions to ask yourself to see when is the right time for you” through this link http://www.moneyandmimosas.com/buildwealth/  Money & Mimosas was founded by entrepreneur and former NFL Cheerleader, Danetha Doe. I met her a few months back and loved her idea of Money & Mimosas. She is continuously working towards this goal and I have joined her into this mission. Go to her Blog https://www.moneyandmimosas.com and know more about her achievements and story.”



Let’s talk about my outfit. As you can see, this pink color with a little touch of pastel blue is giving perfect springy/summer vibes. Ain’t I look spring brunch ready?

As a blogger, I always try to look up-to-date but never spent too much on dresses and accessories. I try to shop online or find local boutiques, Thrift Stores (by the way, these locals have amazing fashion sense). Try to save money and spend only where it actually requires ( “MoneyandMimosas” way).

I am wearing ‘Ruffle Hem Cap Sleeve Sheath Dress” by “Shein.com” (they have more color options) with “ Yellow Tassel Drop” earring (Shein.com) which is perfect for spring and it’s totally “IN” too.

Pairing my dress with “Pastel Blue Pumps” by “Payless” and “Bag by Aldo” (Spring sale collection).





The idea behind this outfit is to present a fun and colorful feminine daywear and rock your spring days.

Do let me know your Feedback!!

#Dressuptodazzle Girls.

Outfit details-

Dress        “Shein.com” 

Earring    “Shein.com

Shoes       “Payless.com

Bag          “Aldo.com







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