Happy Valentine’s Day

Sunny day, blowing wind, cool weather…mmmmmm seems like Valentine is here ❤ 

Yeah, it’s February, a month of Love.

What color comes in your mind when you think of this day? red…magenta…dark pink…light pink…peach?

Why all shades of red or pink only?? Break the stereotypes and go for out of the box…Blue!!!!! 

Yes this Valentine, go Blue. Today, I am showcasing my mesh dress which I specially kept for this “D” day. Carry this attire on Valentine’s brunch or dinner. 

Its still winter so full sleeves dress will give you a good merge. Mesh is “IN” this season, so go for combination of mesh and blue. 

For outwear choose either of these vast verity of options like long coat, trench coat, fur coat, navy coat but be very careful with the color. Go for dark colors like black or navy blue only.

Smoky eyes, nude lips…wow you are Valentine ready. mmmmmwwwwahhhh!











#dressuptodazzle Girls <3.



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