Winter Fashion with Leather and Fanny

I have already posted three blogs related to extreme winter fashion and today this blog is the last one in the series. My next blog will be of little light and semi-winter attire and style.

Today, I want to talk about very old fashion element which is the first gorgeous thing in the fashion history… Leather overcoats. Leather overcoats are not common these days but yes leather jackets have been all over the streets. Leather jackets are a common and most compulsory element of your wardrobe (just like your undergarments….hahaha) but a leather coat is that old classy thing like your grandmother’s antique necklace which goes with all the traditional wear but never easily available in the stores.
Leather coats are perfect for chilly winter…….cozy, comfy and bloody stylish…like “90’s fashion”??
Here I am wearing a leather coat from Wilson Leather with fanny bag pack which is the second awesome fashion element that I am highlighting today. #beltbagsareback
For the past months, every fashion blogger is wearing a fanny pack, currently going by the name of a belt bag. Free hands for selfies 😛 jokes apart it’s super stylish and in. Try it.

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