Puffy Winter!

Hello Everyone and Happy December and welcome to my blog!

This look is inspired by one of my favorite concept which is “be comfy and stylish” this winter.

Puffy jackets never made winter so fun then before.  Early this year, I never liked puffy jackets but I developed this taste slowly. I bought this jacket from one of the local store.

I explored this jacket to style in so many ways, sharing one of the look in this post which i totally funky. I paired this jacket with Joggers and Crop Top. This look is called sporty look, which is perfectly reasonable for all the stylish day out session.

Loose joggers, Crop top, Puffy jackets, Aviators, Messy hair, free attitude, you see I am trying so hard to convince you guys that you don’t need much planning to own this look 😉 lol

California is not that cold place to have very heavy woolen but Puffy jackets are justified.

Hope you find this look fun. Do share your feedback!


#Dressuptodazzle girls.




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