Fitness Friday!

I feel like I never posted about my active wear. And when I am so much active these days and I am in my best shape and feel perfect and happy, I thought to share my favorite active wear brand.
Buying Link:  Army Print Leggings  and Mesh Tee
Welcome to my blog! It’s Fashionable and Fitness Friday both because today’s post is all about active Wear. From last one year, I am into CrossFit and Last 2 months I am into Yoga as well. Doing both at the same time, makes me feel so good.
The way we give importance to exercise and workouts, we need to give equal importance to  our attire as well. Hello! clothes are mood swinger too, Some time you are not feeling like to workout.. Just wear your favorite gym attire and your mood go rock and roll.
When I first introduced to Temaathletics , frankly speaking I fell in love with its color combinations. Such a pretty and unique colors.
But when I wore them, “woohoo” The fit was excellent… I was feeling pretty confident and most of all, damn happy.. Trust me, for a month I went out as well in those active wears, hahahahah.
But it was worth going out because everyone wants to know about the brand and it’s buying options.
Its fitting is just fabulous and color choices are outstanding. Tema gives such a proper shape at the belly and chest area.
Temaathletics is meant for workout and yoga. 🧘‍♀ The way it is designed, you feel perfectly in shape and so comfortable. It has colors for every mood. Design for every types and body shape.
Their Mission: “We believe that all women deserve to workout in comfortable, functional and stylish activewear. For us fitness is not a look, size, body type, weight, shape or measure of a women’s worth. We support women to get active by doing something they love. Our goal is to make that experience great.”
I would love to wear this day and night and you guys will love it too if you try. My suggestion is, you should try for once. I am sharing their website and buying options below the pictures for your reference.
Don’t just wait #dressuptodazzle for your workout girl. Also do share your feedback on this blog if you want to see more of these kind of posts.

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