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Happy Fashionable Friday!

Welcome to my Blog! This week I am here with two looks. July 4th is here and everyone is planning their outfit for this long weekend.

I am sure just one outfit won’t be enough. We need at least two different outfits plus that should justify July 4th fun.



How you planning to celebrate this weekend? Of Course, we want to celebrate with our loved once doing fun activities.. like Barbecue, picnic, beach day or house parties, right? And these occasions cannot be done without you getting Dressuptodazzle.

But before that, I would like to appreciate this day and thank God for giving me this platform where I can stand and share my thankfulness towards this country.


I respect this country with all my heart just as I respect mine. This country have their own values and culture which is different from ours. This country gave me my passion and endless support to my dreams which I am thankful and will be thankful throughout my life. I say this line each and every year just cause it comes from my heart. This country taught me so many good things and I learned so many lessons which I surely want to share with my people. 

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Equality, Freedom of speech, Women Empowerment, Sexual Rights, Cleanliness, Diversity, Opportunities, Economy…So many things.

July 4, 2019, is America’s 243rd Independence Day, the day Americans celebrate their Declaration of Independence.


This day is Special for me and I will Dressuptodazzle and show my patriotism towards this country through my outfits and blog.

Let’s talk about the looks I am sharing today-

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The first look is a Chic Look which I got from my favorite place Cotton+Rye.

Very comfy, stylish and perfect for this weather. This is star outfit styled by the brand itself. If you pay attention to its print, there are stars all over the outfit. That’s, why I call it, Star Outfit.

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Thank you Cotton+Rye for sharing this cute romper.


The second Outfit is my own creation which is totally sporty.

High neck crop top with blue leggings perfectly matching this day. I styled this with hat and sneakers.


Which one is your favorite?? Celebrate your Fun week with Dressuptodazzle.



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