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In today’s post, I want to talk about how you can wear leopard print in winter. Well, the outfit might not really look like a winter outfit and to be honest, I was wearing it on an autumn day. But you can easily transform this autumn outfit into a winter outfit by adding only two pieces: Skirt and a coat. I would go for either a long white or a long black coat with this look.


Leopard print is one of the trends you could see everywhere this year. Mostly in summer, but also in spring and autumn. So why not wear it in winter as well? There are a few fewer pieces available in stores at the moment, but that’s also because of another animal print trend that just popped up: the snake print. Nevertheless, leopard print is still a thing. And even though you can’t find as many pieces as you used to in summer in stores anymore, you can wear the ones you already have in winter as well.



Layer your leopard print top with a red Skirt. Style your leopard print top with a slit skirt and black coat for a cozy and warm, stylish feel. I created a look that pops out and makes dark and grey winter days a little bit brighter. Looking at these pictures, I really feel the need of wearing this look again. It’s so cold in California at the moment; I definitely need some color to brighten up my winter days!


One last thing I would like to talk about is the combination of midi skirts. You know, that I just started liking midi length skirts and dresses and I am still figuring out how to style them. When I was wearing my leopard print top, I decided to style them with my red skirt, and I have to say, that I absolutely love this combination! It looks so much better than I imagined it and I felt very comfortable in this look. Would you combine a leopard print too and red or black skirt?



Outfit Details 

Leopard Square  Neck Top: Shein

Red Skirt: Amazon

Brown Knee Boot: Amazon

Leopard High Neck Top: Shein

Black Slit Skirt: Amazon

Blue Over Coat: Plato’s Closet 

Glasses: MVMT




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