Taylor Jay Collection and PharoahBrand




Today I am sharing this blog post with my socialite friend, my inspiration and owner of Money and Mimosas, Danetha Doe.

This blog post is full of everything. You can find style, class and fun colors in here.

What are our requirements for this fall/winter fashion??? Cozy loose attire, neutral colors, fur, loose sweaters etc.

Well well, I am here to give all the materials in one single blog post. I got this opportunity through Walnut Creek Socialite to shoot with Taylor and Pharoah.

Awesome collection and talented designers, classy makeup by Khalida plus beautifully photographed by our favorite LaKeela. I am happy that the weather was very kind for a photo shoot and we got some really great shots. Also, I am so happy and blessed to announce that these collections and photographs have been published in Shubha Magazine and Poza Magazine.

Let’s discuss attire by attire and will wait for your feedback and your favorite ones too.



Neutral is Classy –

First shade and design were mixers of classy and casual yet comfy chic. I was totally in different avatar wearing this cozy nude shaded loose top pairing with a black skirt. Don’t I look classy lady type?? On the other hand, Danetha is rocking in her tracksuit like a pro. So comfy and hot. So many varieties. Isn’t this combo amazing?


Where is the Party Tonight-

Yes, we are ready to rock the next party. You all know I love fur and jumpsuits and especially olive color… Pharoah Collections are “get set go” for any party. Danetha here looks so chic in white high neck dress and layering herself with a red loose cardigan sweater.


Queen of Fall/Winter-

The next and the last one is very dreamy. My attire is basically a loose long sweater… It can be paired with a belt and jacket or long coats.

On the other hand, Danetha attire is full sporty and chic style, velvet is always in and paring velvet material with trousers and crop top is giving this attire a life.
Colors are vibrant and beautiful.



Designer and Brands Link:

Taylor Jay Collection: Link

Pharoah Brand: Link

Photography: Lakeela

Makeup: Khalida

Let me know your Favorite one and #Dressuptodazzle Girls.



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