Fall Perfect- Three Bonus Looks

This blog is a bonus post for all my friends because in this blog I am going to present 3 most wanted colors and looks for this season.

Welcome to my blog!

As you guys know, in fall or winter fashion it’s all about bright colored palettes. So I have tried to make this post versatile and also different from each other. Some people like the feminine look, some try to look more badass. Some wanna go for casual and free dressing look. I have tried to cover all of them in this post.

My forte is more comfy and effortless dressing. I got these bunch of perfect fall ready cloths from one of the awesome brand called “Femme Luxe”. They sent me quite a few options but I am only posting 3 out of the lot. All the choices I made through their provided link and they sent me all the orders pretty soon. I have seen few brands which takes months to send you the orders but this is something magical.

For your convenience, I am gonna post their purchase link too so that you can go there and buy directly from their website. They have pretty awesome collections of knitwear. Make the order now before they ran out of stock.

In this post, I have added a few more brands to give my outfit little edge like my favorite BRA-sériē and boots brand like Sutro footwear. They all are totally complimenting each other. Never thought my fall season gonna be so blessed and great with these awesome brands.

Off shoulders are always my first pick and even its totally inn look for fall too. It rocked throughout summer and it’s here again to rock your fall. I am sure it’s not going out in winters too 🙂

And if you have off shoulder you need BRA-sériē for that. Today I am sharing different looks and ways of wearing BRA-sériē and pairing them with these amazing comfy boots who specially made for the fall season. These outfits give you a comfy chic look. I am in love with the colors and styles.

_MG_1329_MG_1333_MG_1335 2


Vineyard Tour:

Don’t I look vineyard tour ready? Yes, I have given my first look this fun name. Red is a “must have” color for the fall season and pairing with the yellow bottom is absolutely eye-catching attire.

This red jumper is going to be my one of the favorite thing this season. An absolute beauty. Soft, warm, funky and the colors look so fun in this picture. My fall is colorful now 🙂

Link to Buy

Red Jumper-  Link 

Yellow Palazzo – Link


Girls day out:

Cloudy weather, colorful trees, little windy, and few girlfriends together for fun day out. Yes, my whole idea for this attire was to create fun and effortless look for an outing with your girls. Olive is my all time favorite and I have numbers of olive color in my wardrobe. I am pairing this olive beauty with pink check trouser. This trouser is comfy and gives you more rooms to run, jump or enjoy your day and pairing with olive off shoulder sweater, makes my day more fun.

Link to Buy


Khaki Sweater: Link

Pink Check Pant – Link



Date day out:

Feminine chic. Yes, my whole idea came so well in this picture. Yellow is giving you fall day vibes and pairing my gold stud BRA-sériē with it, gives what you all need for a date day out. Boots by Sutro footwear is adding toppings to your beautiful day.  Boots are meant for fall/winter season and pairing them with your day to day attire is a wise choice. All together along with a maroon cardigan, gives you space to roam outside in windy days too.

Link To Buy

Knit Yellow Midi- Link

BRA-sériē: Link

Sutro footwear: Link

Let me know how you gonna style your fall look!!!!

#dressuptodazzle Girls.





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