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“That arctic blast you’re feeling? It’s the chill coming off my cold shoulder” – Michele Jaffe

Welcome to my blog!!

The off the shoulder trend is here to stay, it works on a variety of body types, and it’s the perfect way to show a little skin without it seeming too intentional!


If you want to get an instant hot chic look, the first thing to hit your mind is an off-shoulder dress with cute shoes or sandals available in your wardrobe. This trend of wearing ‘off the shoulder Dresses’ is never going to end. Although it was first introduced as a chic and informal messy summer look but the changes have been adopted to so many different occasions. The celebrities are wearing ‘off the shoulder’ for their award functions, red carpet and everywhere. You can also carry them anywhere, anytime, just need to pick the right thing.


The dress I am showing you today is totally lady type and classy. Something like “Day Reception or “Girls Day” out or a “Brunch Date.”


Plain yellow dress in full sunny day with Blue floral collection from “BRA-sériē”. It’s looking like made for each other. A perfect example would be “Cherry on the Cake.” Right??


One quick secret! “Whenever wearing yellow, try to combine with blue or green.” It will give your dress an edgy look and complete your fashion tradition.


Outfit Details:

Dress: Forever21

Accessory: BRA-sériē

Shoe: Ross

Wooden Bag: Amazon

Makeup: Taste Studio

Photography: Muse Digital Group

Let me know your feedback. #Dressuptodazzle Girls.





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