Sunday #selfcare #selflove




Happy Sunday #selfcare#selflove
As you guys know I love face oil and serum. I shared my feedback through My blog post and I got a great response…
During the week, we put so much stress to our skin…it has to go through dust, pollution, sun etc but Sundays are meant to relax and recharge your skin so that you can shine your upcoming week…

Thanks to @joinpalm who is helping me making my Sunday so relaxing and perfect. They introduced me to different kinds of skin care products and their benefits. Thank you, guys… Proud and blessed to be a part of @joinpalm Team #palmbffs .
Today I want to introduce you guys with @mass_eden …. I love face oil and its been a week I am using @mass_eden before sleep. And trust me my skin is glowing.
It’s very natural. Good source of moisture. Vegan and cruelty-free.
Its organic, cold-pressed coffee activates low and non-comedogenic oils with antioxidants to add moisture to the dehydrated or mature skin.
In normal language, it will give shine, moisture, relax your skin and will increase circulation and self-care. Perfect for all skin types and good to go for sensitive skin too.
Friends, try this and let me know. Also, I would love to know more your suggestions on Sunday self-love and self-care…( what kind of product you would like to see more)
Happy Sunday Funday.



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