Wealth Wednesday


Happy Wealth Wednesday!
Beachside, a resort, a wonderful week holiday in Miami or trip to outside country. it’s summer so everyone wants to spend this time with their loved one and make this summer memorable.
What you need for a good trip?? Location search, Planning, hotel booking, clothes ….and yes money management????
If your answer is yes…. you need to checkout @danethadoe New Blog post where she is talking about savings for the beautiful trip and money management on the trip. .
Sometimes I think this is so important to have a money management before and after the trip and as Bloggers, we try out so many new things, we want everything perfect 👌🏻 Right???. .
We need someone who can guide us in this way. Thanks to @danethadoe and her blog post, she thought through this direction.

This week’s #MoneyandMimosas post breaks down how much Danetha spent on her week-long trip to Belize 🇧🇿 (down to the penny!) and some 💰💰💰 tips for how to save up for a trip to this beautiful country.





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