Sunday #Selfcare


Happy Sunday #selfcareand #selflove Sunday’s are to relax and make yourself stress-free especially your face skin so that you will be ready to shine your weekdays. .
No, I’m not in the spa…. but with @lather you can have a feeling of spa luxury at home. With its smell and its benefit, I’m getting spa vibes at home.
I thank @joinpalm for introducing me to this beneficial product.💕 .
I’m using “Honey Moisture Mask with Propolis Extract (A relief mask for environmentally- stressed skin)” by @lather.
This is very natural and hydrating. No sulfates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, parabens. My skin feels so soft moisture and smooth.
I know you must be thinking where have you seen this product???? Well, they are available in 50,000 hotel room, gyms, and spa. The best part of this luxurious product is it helps cell growth and decongestion. Revitalize your skin texture with deep-penetrating nutrition. And yes it will protect your skin with bacteria and inflammation.
So many benefits and easily available in any retail stores(US) or online.





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