Confused???? WEAR BLACK!

As you know festive season is at our doorstep and since its a fall season, layering is mandatory.

Today I am investing in a suit. A Jet black suit.

Have you ever counted how many black attire you have in your wardrobe and while shopping, don’t you always give your attention to black one? Accept it, we all love black. I have countless blacks with me…. trousers, pants, jeans, tops, jackets, LBD etc. yet I slip on black before any other colors.

I would say if you are confused about color…blindly follow black, It will never disappoint you…classy, confident, a stunner, a color you can always count on ❤
The combination of a blazer with black gives a bond look. It enhances your personality. “The Lady in a black suit”…well suited, well stylish and full of confidence.

The look which I am carrying today is easily worn during the day or night; a black cape sleeves blazer with flared crop trouser (my favorite), ain’t I look dinner ready??? Well, from the head to the toe, black will always catch the eyeballs, just add a lil touch of red in the form of lip colors or red heels. Here I am taking the first option…. Kylie cosmetics MARY JO K. Perfect texture and color. Always remember, don’t add too many color matchings together otherwise it will kill the charm.

Here accessories are playing a vital role. I’m flashing a party look by adding black sequence crop top and black tassel earring, and my black pumps highlighting classy party look.













Ladies and gentlemen, I am all Dressed up and ready to Dazzle.




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