Go Formal in FALL

I was always very skeptical about sleeveless waist coat as they are not a very useful addition to my wardrobe. However, I changed my mind when I first saw this waist coat in Forever 21, I was like…….DAMN!!…. THAT IS MINE!!!!….I couldn’t resist myself from buying it.

You can easily miss these sort of item as it quite looks like a menswear. I mean its hard to find out exactly how can we style this piece but trust me it looks so classy and elegant. This waist coat is such a great way to dress in this Fall season. Either wear with full sleeves shirt or t-shirt beneath or with crop flared pants, just Like I wore in this blog.






You can also pair them with jumpsuits, dress and skinny jeans. Investing on waist coat, for this season, is a great deal. This will give a nice Fall look in day wear as well as in party wear.

Here are some of the references …




Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this outfit post.



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