Welcome to Heaven – Miami ♥

MIAMI….The name itself blows your mind…….. Music, Beaches, Nightlife, Foods, and Art Cultures.

Its a Fashionable city. Fashion walks on the streets. Fashion is in the air.

I had spent a week there with a proper plan……beaches, water sports, pool parties in a day times and live music, dance shows, night clubs in the sun down. Key west, South beach, Duval street, Miami beach, Ocean drive, Little havana, Wynwood walls. Each and every place is full of beauty and grace. Miami is perfect place to plan your holiday during any time of the year but I would suggest to visit in the month of March and April to avoid surprises like rains and thunderstorms.


If you talk about fashion, I would suggest you to cross check weather forecast before packing your bags. For this weather, one should be ready with the comfortable clothes and footwear. The weather in summer season is quite hot and humid. Clear shiny sun always smiles over your head.

Miami is beautiful; you can’t just sit in a car and explore this exotic place. I had chosen to walk around the street with the ice cream in one hand and the phone in another. Above all I didn’t forget to bring sunscreen and umbrella with me. Shoes play a very vital role here….. sneakers, flip-flops and flats are the best choice for happy feet.


Night life is really magical and glamorous in Miami….I planned to visit couple of night clubs around the places and it amazed me a lot. These clubs are very strict about dress codes so whatever you are planing to wear, plan “Dress To Impress”.

I had chosen dresses and crop flared pants for Sun down…..Lets have a look…




Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this outfit post.



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